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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Follow The Boss

There are three ladies working in the same office. They begin to notice that each day the boss, who is also a female, leaves work early. 

One day they decide that once the boss takes off they are gonna be right behind her, after all she never comes back or calls so how would she know. So, they all three leave and the brunette was elated to be able to get in a quick workout at her spa before meeting her dinner date. 

The redhead was thrilled to be home early. She did a little gardening and went to bed early. 

The blonde was happy, happy, happy, to be home. But when she got to her bedroom she heard a muffled noise from inside. Slowly, quietly, she cracks open the door and was mortified to see her husband in bed with her boss.

Ever so gently she closed the door and crept out of her house. The next day at coffee break, the brunette and redhead mentioned leaving early again and asked the blonde if she wanted to go with them. 

“No way!” the blonde exclaimed, “I bloody nearly got caught yesterday!”

Quote Of The Day: Abu Huraira reported: A bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, and he said, “Indeed, my wife has given birth to a black boy and I have disowned him.” The Prophet said, “Do you have camels?” He said yes. The Prophet said, “What color are they?” He said, “They are red.” The Prophet said, “Are any of them gray?” He said, “There are gray camels among them.” The Prophet said, “Where do you think this color came from?” He said, “O Messenger of Allah, it is hereditary.” The Prophet said, “Perhaps this boy’s color is hereditary.” The Prophet did not allow him to disown his child.  Source: Sahih Bukhari 6884, Sahih Muslim 1500  Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi (authenticity agreed upon) according to Al-Bukhari and Muslim