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Friday, 8 November 2013

A Guy And Girl In A library


A guy asked a girl in a library, “Do you mind if I sit beside you?”

The girl answered with a loud voice, I dont’t want to spend the night with youuu!”

All the students in the library started staring at the guy and he was embarrassed. After a couple of minutes, the girl walked quietly to the guy’s table and she told him, I study psychology and I know what a man is thinking, I guess you felt embarrassed right?

The guy responded with a loud voice, $200 just for one night!? That’s too much!

And all the people in the library looked at the girl in shock and the guy whispered in her ears, 
I study Law and I know how to make someone feel guilty.

Quote Of The Day: Narrated Ibn 'Umar (Radi-Allahu 'anhu): That he found 'Umar bin Al-Khattab in a group of people and he was swearing by his father. So Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) called them, saying, “Verily! Allah forbids you to swear by your fathers. If one has to take an oath, he should swear by Allah S.W.T or otherwise keep quiet.”  Bukhari Vol. 8 : No. 129


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  2. Blogwalking and follow your blog dear! :) I love the guy . He do the right thing actually . hahah Lol xx